Diary Music Group

Day 1: Date 28/03/22

We talked about what genre of music we wanted to play and what the theme should be. We chose rap and the theme of cultural connection and individual cultural feeling.

Everyone raps in their native language and the hook connects everything in English. To bring the theme to a point: Finding ourself in our culture.

Day 2: Date 29/03/22

The rough beat structure was put together and lyrics were written to fit it. Found a first structure for the song’s structure, as well as connected the beat with real instruments. First recordings of the rap lyrics and joint search for video ideas were our goal for the day.

Day 3: Date 30/03/22

The beat was finished and the first final vocals were recorded and added. In addition, first video recordings were on the agenda and a close cooperation to bring all group members on the same level.

Day 4: Date 30/03/22

On the fourth day, we made the final recordings and put together the final music video. When mixing the audio tracks, we encountered some technical problems that made it impossible to meet the deadline. In close cooperation and communication we did everything we could to achieve the best possible result. This moment showed how closely we grew together as a group in this short time. When we were finally done, we had mixed feelings. On the one hand relieved to have made it, on the other hand a little sad that the project is already over.