Sarah’s Diary
Day 3 – 25th March 2021

Communication is key

The today started on a bit of a sour note. We needed to address communication issues between the German and the Indian side. The time difference is a problem for us, we start in the morning and then we have time to work the whole day while on the Indian side students start in the afternoon and then work the next day in the morning but because of lack of communication it felt like they’re not doing their part because we weren’t sure if there were actually working during the morning. This issue got resolved and each group worked at full power throughout the day. I was really exhausted today, writing a poem every day is hard when you’re not used to it. I did get through the day though and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Sabreena’s Diary
Day 3 – 25th March 2021


Well, today my friends and I in India, we started shooting videos, interviewing our peers trying to convey their opinions for the questions that we prepared, which is crucial to our video whereas my friends from Germany actually edited few of their videos that they shot. Today was practically productive and it was really enjoyable as well as intriguing to hear such diverse answers, diversity but with a common ground,  whether its food, traditional outfits or about women belonging to different cultural backgrounds.