Diary Photography Nature

Day 1: Date 28/03/22

In today’s meeting, four topics were shared i.e in which both German and Indian students were supposed to engaged in working together in any of the given topic. According to our choices, we followed the breakout room. Since, the no. of participants were big in photography group, we then decided to have sub groups under photography i.e nature and graffiti. Adrienn, Müberra from Germany and Alisha, Sneha and Gainingmei from India are the members of Photography Nature. Right after the meeting a WhatsApp group was created for further communication. We also discussed to take at least 5 pictures of nature and went outside later to take pictures.

Day 2: Date 29/03/22

In today’s meeting, we discussed on how to share our pictures. We shared ideas and also took up initiatives such as creating a Google Drive folder to store our pictures together. From German friends, they recorded some sounds of birds et cetera and it was planned to use them together with another song as music for the slightshow. We also talked about adding some writing to the slideshow. And lastly, we decided to take more pictures from both ends and uploaded it in Google Drive.

Day 3: Date 30/03/22

In today’s meeting, our group has shared some pictures of nature taken and has uploaded it in Google Drive. We tried to communicate as a group and also followed up the task assigned. Communication was a little challenging as some of us faced network issues. Fortunately one of our faculty member resolved the problems and we finally came to good communication via WhatsApp. We had discussed about the ongoing process of creating our nature slideshow. We as a team had discussed to update any information via WhatsApp for everyones convenience.

Day 4: Date 31/03/22

In today’s meeting, we finally edited all the pictures and created the slideshow. We also added the music and the writing to it. It was quite challenging due to several technical problems. But at the end we finished our slideshow and looked forward to present it to the other students. Sadly some of our group members couldn’t join us at the presentation day but we were still happy to do the project together.