Sarah’s Diary
Day 2 – 24th March 2021

First hurdles

Today, we ran into our first problems. All three of us have a very distinct writing style. And it seemed very hard to create a coherent piece. But together we found a creative solution to our problem without destroying the integrity of each piece. Every one of us put a lot of work into our own poems about environmental issues and I’m very happy with the outcome. Since we were so productive yesterday we focused on a new topic today.

The photo group yesterday focused on gathering information about the topic they chose and now they feel they have a real understanding of the different facets of the topic. They also have initial problems figuring out how to present their subject through photographs.

Sabreena’s Diary
Day 2 – 24th March 2021


Today, our Zoom meeting was pretty brief but we had an the in-group meeting through WhatsApp and according to our topics we prepared questions for our video project but interestingly we also came to know about some facts about one another, especially about our cuisines since the larger topic of our video is about each other’s culture. This is what is at the core of our entire Virtual Xchange Program