Sarah’s Diary
Day 1 – 23th March 2021

Creative Chaos

This morning our long awaited India Project finally started. I was so excited.
We have been planning this project for over a month!
To start at 9:00 a.m. was for me, due to my sleeping habits, quite hard.
The first meeting had a chaotic yet energized atmosphere.
My workshop group is the smallest with only three members, which I don’t mind since creative writing is easier in a small group. It was simple for us to choose the topic we want to work on – environmental issues! But we are sure we are able to cover several topics during this week.
However misunderstanding and chaos arose on how to proceed, it is normal in a collaborative work.
I am sure we will have a really nice project at the end.
And I’m already curious what the others are working on…

Sabreena’s Diary
Day 1 – 23th March 2021


It was over a month when we had our last Zoom meeting with the students and the faculty of Frankfurt University for our Virtual Xchange program and today was our first ever day of the project week for which I was really looking forward but at the same time, I could feel my nerves since I am in the Video Group which is one of the largest group of this collaborative project with 14 members and making a video with friends who are in the other corners of the world is a very big challenge itself but surprisingly the thought about this geographical barrier diminished when we started to brainstorm about the topics we would work on and honestly it was one of the smoothest and easiest brainstorming sessions where we actually arrived at a decision pretty quickly and not only did we discuss about the topics but also the found the way we would present it.