Photography / LOVE & DIVERSITY
Day 1: 25/09/2023

The day began with a Zoom meeting where our mentors discussed the theme for this year – *Food, Love & Diversity*. Groups were also finalised. Our group *(Photography Love & Diversity)* included the following individuals: Biswajit Das, Risha Sarmah, Karim, Sara, Ceci, and Lina. This was followed by group brainstorming sessions on Zoom itself. Our group talked about what the story could be and how we could put together pictures that highlight the theme of love and diversity. We came to the conclusion that we will put forward the concept of love while keeping it subjective for everyone. We decided to include a transition and a strong message at the end to demonstrate our love and energy for this project. Everyone will be thinking about the minor details and how they will be combined into a photo side-show.


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Photography / LOVE & DIVERSITY
Day 3: 27/09/2023

Today our mentors looked into the status of our presentation at the start of the session. They enquired about specific technical aspects as well as our strategies for effectively communicating our message. We agreed to submit our photographs and accompanying narratives via Google Drive as a group. Following that, we will use the uploaded files to compile our presentation. Each team member contributed a photograph, and discussions took place to determine appropriate captions and potential headings to enhance visual impact.
Later in the day, our team facilitated an image exchange via WhatsApp, encouraging collaborative decision-making among all members in order to identify and select the most compelling visuals for inclusion in our presentation.


Photography / LOVE & DIVERSITY
Day 2: 26/09/2023

Our group, Photography Love & Diversity, agreed that all members would limit themselves to only keeping 2-3 photos in which they would put their thoughts and story line depicting their picture. We came up with the idea of presenting the greeting gestures of both nations at the start of our slide show, highlighting the idea of cultural differences and ultimately connecting everyone with an emotion of love.


Photography / LOVE & DIVERSITY
Day 4: 28/09/2023

The day began with a thorough discussion with our mentors about the presentation strategies used by each group. Furthermore, the professors solicited feedback and encouraged participants to share any difficulties encountered during the programme, fostering an open communication culture. Our group chose Karim as the moderator, who would begin the presentation by elaborating on individual members‘ photographs on the final day. Furthermore, a strategic shift in presentation format was made, favouring a PowerPoint presentation over a traditional slideshow. Biswajit would oversee the designing of the powerpoint presentation, and once completed, the presentation materials would be promptly forwarded to our mentors.