Photography / FOOD
Day 1: 25/09/2023

We chose our final groups today and went straight into the breakout rooms to brainstorm our ideas on the theme of food, love, and diversity. After that, we created a WhatsApp group for further communication with our group members and to discuss more details, such as doing a photo series of our everyday food. In our group, we also shared our dishes that we wanted to cook and photograph.

Photography / FOOD
Day 3: 27/09/2023

As usual, our Zoom meeting started with a briefing for our mentors. Today, our group decided to photograph the ingredients for the photo shoot in a mall. This is why Faraz specialises in photography. That’s exactly how Kardelen writes today, with all of the details about our court. For example, how is the sauce made or where it comes from. Finally, we agreed that Asya would begin with the PowerPoint today and incorporate the pictures and ideas that we had gathered into the PowerPoint. We also have our own group of Indians who have already decided to photograph their food today, and it looks AMAZING! Jennifer will begin preparing the German dish tomorrow.

Photography / FOOD
Day 2: 26/09/2023

Our mentors greeted us warmly to begin the day. They asked us to share our thoughts and insights about the projects we will be working on. Our friend Pynskhemlang explained how our group will present the theme. We talked about the ongoing process of taking the best food photos and presenting them in a slideshow in the group. We had discussed as a team updating any information via WhatsApp for everyone’s convenience. Finally, we decided to photograph as many different types of food from both countries as possible.

Photography / FOOD
Day 4: 28/09/2023

On the fourth day, after our daily briefing with our mentors via Zoom calls, we decided to change our final presentation plan. Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, we’d create a video presentation with voiceover that Roshan would edit. Following that, we split up to continue our work.
The ADBU students began editing their photographs, while Jennifer from FUAS began preparing their traditional dish and taking photographs along the way. While Faraz went to the supermarket to photograph the ingredients needed to prepare the dish. We uploaded the photos to Google Drive in the evening, and the students from India assisted in editing the photos from Germany. Roshan then began editing the videos. It was a hectic night for the students in India editing the video because we had to adjust things here and there, and recording the voiceovers was difficult for some of us, but despite all of this, it was a fun experience, and we were pleased to see that everyone on our team worked well together.