Painting Group
Day 1: 25/09/2023

Today is the first day of the project, and after detailed discussions with our mentors on Zoom, we were allotted Zoom break-out rooms for group discussions. The members of the painting group did some brainstorming for ideas and how we are going to proceed with the theme given to us – Food, love, and diversity. After some deliberation among the group members, we decided that each member of our group would select a few traditional dishes from our countries. We would then convert them to digital form to create a collage, so that it appears that all of the dishes are on the same platter or dinner table. We later decided on the names of the dishes each of us would draw and the angle at which we would draw them.

Painting Group
Day 3: 27/09/2023

On day 3, whoever completed their work in our group sent an update with a picture of their work. Then we discussed whether we should write or type the text, i.e. the information about the dish. And how will we make the background of our collage look like a single platter or at the same dinner table? That concludes day three.

Painting Group
Day 2: 26/09/2023

Today, we talked about the forms we’d be working on, such as traditional painting or a digital platform. We also began researching the origins of the dishes that we intend to paint. After receiving the notes and feedback from the teachers, we discussed how we will implement the other two themes, which is love and diversity. Following the discussion, we created a Google Drive folder where we will upload our completed work

Painting Group
Day 4: 28/09/2023

We talked about how we’ll present our work on the last day. We decided to
make a video instead of a PowerPoint presentation after a few discussions and taking everyone’s suggestions. Our paintings will be shown in a series in the video, and each of us will give a brief explanation about what we have drawn in our native languages, which will be done through voiceover and later translated by the moderator after the video is shown. We decided on a moderator and also uploaded our work to Google Drive. We also decided to hold a dry-run of the final presentation at 6 p.m. (CET) to see if we could sync together smoothly.