Diary Video Group

Day 1: Date 28/03/22

Today we met for the first time. Our video group consists of 7 participants.
Today we talked about different topics and tried to find a common theme for our project. We decided on the theme of happiness. We wanted to illustrate the theme of happiness with our favourite dishes. We also talked a lot about our private life and got to know each other better.

Day 2: Date 29/03/22

Today we talked about our topic again. We decided to cook individual recipes, which we love. To make sure the video doesn’t get too boring, we thought of adding a funny text to the video. The atmosphere within the group was very open and nice. We quickly found new ideas and had a good working flow. The plan for the next two days was to cook our own recipes. One group will cook a typical Portuguese meal, the other a traditional Indian meal and the last group a German meal. We are all looking forward to the next few days.

Day 3: Date 30/03/22

Today we devoted ourselves entirely to the production of our videos. The individual groups cooked their dishes and filmed the whole process. We decided that each group would edit their own video and in the end we would edit everything together into one big film.

Day 4: Date 30/03/22

Today was the last day to sort out the last few things. We picked out the music for our video, discussed the process and talked about the last four days in general. We all think that the project was really exciting and great. We learned a lot about other cultures and also realised that we all have similar interests.