Podcast Group
Day 1: 25/09/2023

We met via Zoom on the first day of the project with Professor Snezana and students from Frankfurt University of Applied Science, and Kaushik Bhuyan, Assistant Professor, Assam Don Bosco University. We had a detailed discussion on the theme of this year – „Food, Love, and Diversity.“ Following that, we were divided into groups based on our interests. Our podcast team, which included four members from ADBU, India (Shilpi Rani Kalita, Mamoni Begum, Jeremy, and Moupriya Dev), had a brief discussion about our approach to the topic. We then formed a dedicated WhatsApp group to further develop our ideas.

Podcast Group
Day 3: 27/09/2023

On the third day of our project, we were buzzing with excitement as we prepared to meet renowned celebrity chef Mr. Atul Lahkar for our podcast. At 1:00PM (IST), we arrived at the recording location. Shilpi, one of our team members, stepped in as the podcast host, engaging in a lively discussion with Mr. Atul Lahkar about Assamese cuisines and their influence on other cultures. It was a delightful and insightful exchange that provided us with many new insights. With that, we completed today’s task, commemorating the occasion with a series of photos alongside the chef.

Podcast Group
Day 2: 26/09/2023

On the second day of our project, we had an in-depth discussion about our
proposed strategy. We contacted one of India’s most renowned chefs, Mr. Atul Lahkar, with the help of one of our faculty members, Mr. Kaushik Bhuyan. Mamoni Begum and Shilpi Rani Kalita from our team went to his restaurant „Hurum“ to approach him about being a guest on the podcast. Chef Atul Lahkar is not only one of the best chefs in Assam, India, but also a renowned culinary artist. Later that evening, via conference call, we held a group meeting to outline our podcast script and discuss the technical requirements for doing the podcast the next day.

Podcast Group
Day 4: 28/09/2023

Following our virtual meeting with our mentors on the fourth day of our project, our group gathered in our university studio (ADBU). There, we meticulously edited our podcast while also planning our presentation for the final day. This would be the opportunity for us to highlight our respective roles and contributions in this virtual exchange programme. As we finished our work, we reflected on the wealth of new technologies we had learned about, especially given that this was our first experience with podcast production.