Diary Photography Nature

Day 1: Date 28/03/22

On the 28th march the desired India project started – in the beginning I felt a little excited, because I knew that I would meet people (virtually) from far away who I didn’t know before. First we got a short introduction of the project and an explanation of the different topics, so that we could find ourselves in groups we want to join in. For me it was clear that I want to join the photography-group, especially the group which concentrates themselves on graffiti artwork, because I was always interested in street art and art in general. So we build our group consisting of two German people, including me, and two Indian students. In our
breakout room via Zoom we talked about graffiti art and that it is illegal in India, except if government gives its permission for it, then it would be allowed. At the end of our conversation we decided to start the day after with the work process and we also build a WhatsApp-Group to stay connected to each other.

Day 2: Date 29/03/22

After our meeting in the plenary we immediately started with taking some pictures of graffiti art in public places. Before we started taking the photos we talked about graffiti art and ist message which it could convey. We were in agreement that it is important to reflect our emotions and thoughts about the pictures which we will share with each other. As we finished our conversation I decided to drive to a place in my city about which I knew that I would find there many kinds of graffitis. Later in the day I also went to Frankfurt where I could find some more graffiti motives.

Day 3: Date 30/03/22

Today not all group members could join the main meeting, so we kept in touch to each other in our WhatsApp group. Every group member has already shared some beautiful pictures, but we wanted to take some more, so I decided to visit Frankfurt again for some more motives. During the day all group members posted their photos which were all fantastic. One of our group members from India would meet an artist of graffiti arts who gave an interview for our project. Today was also a long day so at least I uploaded my pictures in our platform and started to write this diary.