Graffiti across cultures

Born out of rebellion against hierarchical structures graffiti developed to an acknowledged style of art. It´s also called street art or wall art meanwhile, but still we find the roots of rebellion in most of the pieces, that we elected in our project.

Graffiti Art is mainly shown on the streets and public spaces, everyone is able to adapt it. people don´t have to go to a museum or gallery to see Graffitis and artists also use this possibility of remaining their thoughts, feelings and messages via their piece of art to interact with the people.

Graffiti also is a way of appropriate public space, even without any artistic aspiration. It provides a voice to people and especially the youth, who want to express themselves concerning specific topics, which are relevant for society.

In our project we wanted to figure out how Graffiti reflects the respective society regarding specific topics or styles.

„Graffiti Art belongs to every urban city“  Aylin

„Wall art is a way of expression“ Nijwam

„Graffiti is rebellion against hierarchic structures“ Sandra

„Graffiti is a form of visual communication“ Chunbong